A dreamy land for your country chic wedding

Once you reach Castello di Titignano, you will find yourself surrounded by dreamy forests and endless expanses of vineyards and olive trees, the perfect location for your country chic wedding.

What makes them unique is that certain calm, pace of life and unique design. We love our past, we love the amazing design cues that have resulted from eras past and as such create homes, parties, all modelled off these amazing times. Wildflowers, garlands, terracotta vases…every small detail will be crucial to your perfectly designed wedding.


A magical atmosphere

In the Castello di Titignano you will breath the magical atmosphere of old times. The entire village will be the theatre of your special day: all spots the perfect backdrops of memorable pictures. As in the old days, you will walk to the little chapel where all your guests will be waiting for you.  The most romantic couples can promise eternal love in a symbolic outdoor ceremony under the trees: immersed in nature, two will become one. As for the reception, the main square will be all yours for an elegant dinner or a country chic party, just like in your dreams.

The following day, you can meet your guests for a scrumptious brunch. You will have a day to relax and say goodbye to your dear ones, before leaving for the desired Italian honeymoon.[:]