Il Palazzetto is a boutique hotel in the heart of Rome, located in a charming 19th century building and offering four beautifully appointed and classically decorated rooms. If you are planning a memorable engagement day, we can’t think of anything more special than a Roman holiday at Il Palazzetto, the ideal place to start your visiting tours. Every corner will be the perfect backdrop of your special moments and the unique romantic atmosphere that embraces the Eternal City will undoubtedly amaze you. After a long day walking, you will have the opportunity to take some time to relax at Il Palazzetto’s terrace bar, where you can sit looking out at a view of central Rome with a glass of wine or a cocktail in hand. Unwind, have something to eat, embrace your sweet half and admire the panorama. Is this the right moment to bend on your knee and show the ring?

Guests at Il Palazzetto are welcome to use all of the 5 star hotel Hassler facilities including the breakfast rooms, The Imàgo starred high-end restaurant for your candlelit dinner, Concierge services, the Amorvero SPA wellness and fitness centre, and the panoramic guest terrace on the 7th floor. For a memorable engagement day, embraced by the ancient beauty of Rome, write now at to get our special rates for our charming venue Il Palazzetto