Il Borro is a beautiful estate immersed in 700 hectares of unspoilt Tuscan nature, between Florence, Siena and Cortona.
Ferruccio Ferragamo, in 1985, fell in love with the estate and with the help of his son Salvatore (nowadays AD de Il Borro) made an important restoration work with the desire to bring back to life this place, carrying on the traditions and history, writing a continuum between past, present and future.

In 1996, Salvatore and Ferruccio Ferragamo decided to plant the vineyards around the estate, beginning a new chapter in Il Borro’s history. The wine at Il Borro isn’t simply a product; it has real soul, a culture that places it at the centre of our activity. There are many examples on the estate where the wine, the winemaking and our culture interact, first of all the exhibition ‘Vino & Arte’. In this collection is possible to admire Ferruccio Ferragamo’s unique private collection of 67 historical engravings dating from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, the pictures are characterized by vineyards, the grape and wine in all their various representations. The exposition is a historical and artistic itinerary of Il Borro through the eyes of artists such as Mantegna, Picasso, Goya and Warhol.

The visit to the Gallery continues in the cellar, where you can walk amongst tini, barrels and barriques, to discover all the production steps to make precious wines. To conclude the itinerary a tasting of the precious wines produced by the cellar.

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