The Castello di Spessa is a location coming from a fairy tale, the perfect setting to make your romantic dreams come alive. Nestled in the mild green hills of Collio, this beautiful wine resort is a piece of history and art as its origins are dated back to 1200. Have a look at the old tower, the ancient park, the beautiful Italian garden and the vineyard; they can be the stunning background of your wedding, but also of your engagement day or your Save the Date shooting!

It’s a joy to imagine the two of you hands in hand during a romantic walk among ancient trees and old statues, over the path entitled to Giacomo Casanova, taking a rest under the shadow of the giant black poplar, admiring the majesty of the park and the vineyard around. You can have your photo shoot in the rows of grapevines, under the warm light of the sunset.

In the evening, we recommend a wine tasting dinner in the cellars, the most antique in the Collio area, they’re carved into the rock right under the castle and go as deep as 18mt down. Here you can taste the prestigious wines produced in the estate, together with a delicious buffet of mouth-watering specialities.

For your staying, you can choose to rest as a Princess in the elegant rooms of the castle (which is listed as an Historical Residence), or choose among the various apartments in the resort. The last building to be renovated is the Casale in Collina, a rustic country house counting 10 double rooms, with a spectacular view over the vineyard and the golf course. It provides hotel standards and also a kitchen and garden area.

You will live a romantic and bucolic experience, an unforgettable staying close to nature while detoxifying yourself from digital devices, because in these rooms there is no internet connection, nor wi-fi. If you want to post some pictures of your romantic walk and to keep a little contact with the rest of the world, you will have wifi access in the hall and restaurants of the resort.

If you wish to know more about this ancient castle, please visit now Castello di Spessa, or contact us at Wine&Wedding.