Luxurious villas by the lakeside. Enchanted hamlets surrounded by greenery. Ancient monasteries with sea view. The exclusivity of resorts selected by Wine&Wedding and their distance from great inhabited centers constitute a huge guarantee for couples choosing to still marry in Italy in the time of Coronavirus. The epidemy could also stop the exits or keep the schools closed, but the world will not forget the wonders that the Country has to offer: infinite fields kissed by sunset, transparent waters that brush against golden sands, rivers of different art and history for each city. All of it is still a dream for foreign couples and Wine&Wedding intends to turn it into reality, ensuring maximum security to both resorts and future brides and grooms. In fact, the rules provided by the Ministry of Health are already and will be respected scrupulously, despite locations are not part of infected areas. Moreover, transportations are following private and reserved lines, so that clients are protected from any eventual risk.


“We have, along with your help, been working so hard on the wedding of our dreams for over a year now,” writes one of next the couples that is going to celebrate their wedding in Italy, “and really, anything short of that just really isn’t an option. Even if we were to recoup a majority of the money we spent from deposits, it just wouldn’t be worth it for us to spend that amount of money for a wedding here, or anywhere else that wasn’t as special as what we have all been planning together at Locanda.


Finally, Wine&Wedding will not be intimidated by fear nor involved in collective panic. Quite the opposite, the brand makes an effort so that the great beauty keeps living in the eyes of those who wish it.