The first sight at the Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo left all the Wine&Wedding Team completely amazed! We had the pleasure of visiting the resort to prepare ourselves to welcome the foreign couples that will choose to get married in the Marches.

We only knew the Tenuta by some pictures, and you can’t get from them the marvelous beauty and atmosphere that you can breathe in the resort. A long boulevard with oaks and vineyards on the right welcomed us with the surrounding sinuous slopes.

The simple and pure beauty of the area enchanted us all. The estate is immersed in the depths of the Marche Region and here you can breathe the scent of the veracity of the place. Quiet hills embrace the whole property from every corner. The landscape leaves you speechless.

Enveloped simply by the environment, we were welcomed by the young owner, Marianna, who accompanies us for a tour of the estate. We started from the church, an old abbey dated 1300, that gives the name to the property.

Immediately afterwards we visited the shining botanical garden, the relax area of ​​the pool and the rooms. Imagining a wedding set up all around was very easy as many different and creative settings can be realized there. In fact, you can opt for a large imperial table among the vineyards, as well as a buffet in the rose garden or among the aromatic herbs of the botanical garden. Everything is very versatile and can fit perfectly to each setting.

The rooms are very beautiful; they were renovated leaving specific rustic features, such as the original kitchen or the authentic fireplace. Each on them is called after a flower name that characterizes the color of the walls and inspires the precious furniture and details. Here luxury and rustic style harmonize perfectly.

Just 800 meters from the Tenuta there is the exclusive restaurant of the location, a true paradise. If the estate seemed like a dream, the restaurant oasis is even more so. This structure, which can hold up to 200 people, stands between three artificial lakes embraced by green hills and a purely bucolic atmosphere. Inside, they left three real and living oaks in order to not break them down. That creates in the rustic-chic design of the total white interiors of the place, a contrast of colors that refers to an idea of ​​pure nature. To make the service complete, the Tenuta built two firewood ovens to prepare excellent gourmet pizzas as well.

The thrill of discovering a location live is always unique and we cannot wait to go back with our foreign couples when the flowers are about to bloom, because it will be even more magical!

If your dream is to get married in this unique venue please do not hesitate to contact us!

ph. credits (last 2 pictures): CG Organizer